The Band

The story of Deja Fuze began one cold winter day in January 2009, in Buffalo, NY. The original four came together that day for a jam session, but what came out ended being Some Sort of Green, the very first song the group ever put forward. It was from that moment they knew this was the band they were searching for.

“We all came out of that session with such a great feeling about what happened. Prior to this gathering, it was said by many a folk that we all should be playing together. I guess that was the sign and we all couldn’t ignore it. ”

For Deja Fuze, 2009 was the year of growth and definition, which led to the big year of 2010. Not only did Jeff Miers –Buffalo News music writer- name them one of the best Buffalo bands of the decade, 2010 also saw the band move to their new home of Asheville, NC.

During the years of their Asheville residence, Deja Fuze gathered a real buzz around the NC region. Just three days after arriving in Asheville, the local paper, the Mountain Xpress, was drawn to the group while they were performing on the city streets. This landed them their first piece of press in Asheville – a front-page spot on the paper’s website. What an introduction to a new town!

“So there we were, in a new place, not knowing anyone. We see all these interesting people playing music on the streets, and we say, why aren’t we doing that.   So we grab Big Sexy –that is what we named our band van- and our gear, we plug in, and off we went electrifying the streets of Asheville. We were right outside the Mountain Xpress building, so they couldn’t help but hear us. It’s almost like we said, hey, we’re here, and we want to be heard. To us, that was such a good sign of things to come. We were very appreciative of that day.”

Summer 2012 was where it all changed again. The band was put on hiatus. Extenuating circumstances put a halt in the gears, and forced the group to venture on. So before they parted, Some Sort of Green, the bands debut full-length album was recorded.

The time has come for Some Sort of Green to reach the masses. Look out for it on all digital platforms, and online stores now.  Visit the Albums page to get yourself  a copy!

Original members Jake and Josh Cavinder, Keith Harry, and the two newest members guitarist Zach Sykes and saxophonist Jason Hazinski will be bringing back the progressive, electric fuzed sound that is Deja Fuze to the Asheville region, and beyond! Look out for a slew of new tunes, but also all the old numbers that shaped and defined the group. Deja Fuze 2.0 is ready for action!

Josh Cavinder – Keyboards & Vocals

Jake Cavinder – Drums

Keith Harry – Bass & Vocals

Jason Hazinski – Saxophone

Zach Sykes – Guitar & Vocals